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  • Canadian Young Farmers Forum Conference 2018

    A weekend of networking for young leaders in the Canadian agriculture industry was hosted Feb.23-26 in Saskatoon, SK.  The weekend provided learning from passionate professionals, networking with like-minded individuals, and was a great opportunity to experience the diversity of Canadian agriculture. 

  • AYFR Profile: Travis Willerton

    Meet Travis Willerton, fourth generation farmer at Willerton Farms Ltd. Willerton Farms Ltd. currently supports an extended family including Travis’ parents, his dad’s two brothers, along with Travis and his cousin. The farm is predominately a grain farm of 5000 acres, growing canola, wheat, peas, feed barley and oats. hopes to expand in the future.

  • AYFR Profile: Lacey McCrae

    Meet Lacey McCrae of Vermilion, AB, our AYFR feature board member and a true farmHer.  Lacey grew up on a ranch west of Prince George, BC.  Her journey brought her out to the prairies where she met her husband, Andrew McCrae and settled down farming alongside him north of Vermilion, AB.  They grain farm with his family, as well as calve out about 350 commercial black Angus cattle themselves.   Lacey also has a small herd of purebred Charolais with Misty Hills Charolais.