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  • Growing The Future Podcast: Dean Klippestine

    Dean Klippenstine is the National Crops Leader for MNP. Growing the Future Podcast talks about why Dean is a cool accountant, Dean’s farming background, looking at a long term perspective on land in agriculture, figuring out the vision of MNP to bring “infinite sustainability”, and balancing short term financial success with long term prospective on financials.

  • BCRC: The Red Meat Allergy: A Canadian Perspective

    The “red meat allergy” is often framed as an emerging and alarming public health issue. Although the allergy symptoms can be severe, the incidence is relatively low, even throughout the southeastern United States where the lone star tick is well established (meaning a presence of reproducing populations).

  • Advancing Ag: Meet Matija Stanic

    Meet Advancing Ag's Matija Stanic. Matija moved to Canada from Bosnia in 1996 Bachelor of Science. He is currently finishing his master's thesis at the University of Calgary on genetic manipulation of canola.