Growing the Future Podcast: Cory Willness

Cory and Dan sit down for a discussion on everything precision ag in #westerncdnag. Cory has a lot of opinions on agronomy and VR, and is not afraid to voice them, as he bears down on some essential truths about farming better with modern technology!

Cory was one of the first independent crop consultants in Saskatchewan, starting his own business in 2003. He has always been about managing core agronomy and considers one of the foundation principles of the business is to provide excellent service at a fair price. He serves as the senior agronomy source for the company. His primary duties are serving clients all season long with field scouting, pesticide and fertilizer recommendations, planning, soil sampling, variable-rate fertilizer and seed prescription writing, presentations, newsletters, and whatever else needs to get done. Cory has a passion for value, trust and accountability in advice. This business culture along with a blue-collar hard work ethic has helped CropPro grow and maintain its farm clientelle across Saskatchewan.