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  • The Round-Up: Feb 5th

    The Round-Up: Feb 5th

     ‘So God Made a Farmer’  Super Bowl ad kicks off year long campaign While you were busy arm-chair quarter-backing your team during the Super Bowl on Sunday you may have stumbled upon the “The Year of the Farmer” ad done by Ram Trucks. The “So God Made a Farmer” ad is the kick-off of a […]

  • The Roundup: Feb. 2nd

    The Roundup: Feb. 2nd

    Taiwan opens door to poultry and poultry products from Saskatchewan For the first time since 2007, poultry producers in Saskatchewan have access to the Taiwanese market. In 2007 a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu was found in Saskatchewan on a farm that produced hatching eggs for broiler chickens, prompting the ban. Saskatchewan has been recognized […]

  • The Round-Up: November 18th

    The Round-Up: November 18th

    RRC News: — Ranchers in Saskatchewan are receiving a helping from the provincial and federal governments in the form of $7.2 million dollars to help producers take over 60 community pastures which are being transferred from the feds to the province starting next year.   The money doled out by the program will pay up […]

  • The Round-Up November 15th

    The Round-Up November 15th

    — Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada was in several places across the country on Wednesday making funding announcements as part of Growing Forward 2. Ag Minister Gerry Ritz was on hand in Winnipeg to announce the Canola Council of Canada will receive up to $1.2 million to develop an international marketing strategy to increase awareness and familiarity […]

  • The Round-Up: November 14th

    The Round-Up: November 14th

    RRC News: — Expect big announcements this week from the Federal Agriculture department as Ag Minister Gerry Ritz and other MP’s introduce programs and funding connected to Growing Forward 2.  The next stage of the Growing Forward will highlight Canada’s new agriculture policy framework, by capitalizing on the gain made by its predecessor by doubling […]