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  • CanFax Market Drivers Report – November

    In this episode of the RRC – CanFax Market Drivers Report, Brian talks about why there has been some market improvement after a year of volatility and down trending markets, the effect a weaker Canadian dollar is having and why there will be a lot meat coming on to the market in 2017.

  • Calf Prices and Retained Ownership

    As the fall run is starting, producers are having to re-adjust their price expectations when marketing calves. Marketing decisions were relatively straight forward the last couple years for producers when they were selling calves at record high profit levels.

  • CanFax Market Drivers Report – September

    As cattle markets continue to hit new lows, CanFax Manager and Senior Analyst Brian Perillat walks us through the tough situation facing feedlots, how producers can capitalize on price bounces in this weaker market, what cattle futures in 2017 are currently valued at and why the fall run is likely to be delayed.