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  • Memorial scholarship for agricultural management program available for farmers

    The Robert (Bob) L. Ross Memorial scholarship is available for farmers who want to enroll in the Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management program. The application deadline for the scholarship for the four module course, which teaches farmers detailed financial, marketing and human relations management skills, using their own operation as a case study.

  • Taking your destiny out of the hands of Mother Nature

    Mike Witkowicz from Ag Exchange Group talks about three keys to taking your destiny out of the hands of Mother Nature even in an industry such as agriculture which can be dependent on the weather. They include surround yourself with the right people, gather the right information and utilizing the right tools.

  • Do you know your farm labour costs? You might need a raise

    Diving into the details of farm labour costs can feel like you’re opening a Pandora’s box.  But it’s an important Pandora’s box to open.  Just like calculating things like annual fuel costs, putting firm numbers to farm labour costs help you determine your overall production costs, break even point, and profitability.  And those are the keys to the financial success of your farm.