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  • BCRC: Making farm decisions easier

    Keeping records and doing comparisons takes time and effort, and most of us prefer to be outside getting things done than being inside doing paperwork. Your time is limited so you want to be sure added paperwork has advantages and helps you focus on maintaining or improving the important things outside. Keeping detailed records and benchmarking does.

  • AYFR Profile: Josh Younker

    Josh Younker of Younker Cattle Company farms with his dad, his two uncles and his cousin near Irma, AB. He is a twenty-three-year-old third-generation farmer, is the current vice president of AYFR, and is loving farming!

  • AYFR Profile: Raoul Drost

    Meet Raoul Drost, a second generation Canadian farmer.  Born in Holland, Raoul’s family moved to Canada in December of 1989 and began farming near Lacombe.  A couple years ago, they expanded and started a farm near Rolling Hills, AB.

  • Brand Your Farm

    As we drive down the highway, our eyes are constantly pulled towards roadside advertisements and flashy billboards from the latest and greatest products and services. However, very few of these stand out. So what sets the successful businesses apart? An identifiable, genuine, and eye-catching brand.

  • Alberta Young Farmers and Ranchers look to make more connections

    Alberta is a province brimming with agricultural richness and diversity.  Agriculture is an industry driven by passion, dedication and hard work.  Youth is a finite resource that will, in turn, be the future of our world.  Alberta Young Farmers and Ranchers (AYFR), is a group that aims to bring like-minded people together and provides support and education to the young people within the province who wish to ensure a strong future for our agricultural industry.