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  • Final piece of controversial Bill 6 enacted in Alberta

    A detailed Occupational Health and Safety Code tailored to farms and ranches is now in place for the 4,100 farms that employ waged, non-family workers, while they’re onsite as of Saturday. It contains technical health and safety rules designed for farm operations.

  • The case for regulatory modernization

    Economists and politicians keep repeating the word competitiveness – and for good reason. For a small, open economy like Canada, competitiveness is vital to facilitate economic growth and maintain our quality of life. But what does competitiveness really mean in the economic context, and how can Canada best improve it?

  • Farmers hope Transportation Modernization Act brings accountability

    The Chair of the Alberta Barley Commission says the Transportation Modernization Act will make sure everyone who is involved in the handling of grain is accountable. Jason Lenz hopes the legislation tabled by the federal government will start to repair Canada’s reputation as a reliable source for grain.