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  • Growing the Future Podcast: Brianna Elliot

    In this conversation with Brianna Elliot, "techgronomist" at Olds College, we cover some new and interesting territory on what the faculty is pursuing with their new Smart Farm Program, and the end results they are looking for: marrying technology with boots on the ground for better decision making and higher profits!

  • Growing the Future Podcast: Mike Witkowicz

    Mike Witkowicz is the Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at Ag Exchange Group which provides a service as a private community where Growers and Buyers interact for for grain transactions. Mike shares his thoughts on modern grain marketing in Western Canadian agricultural production.

  • Growing the Future Podcast: Brent Nicol

    If you are trying to figure out precision ag for your farm, this is one episode you won't want to miss. Terry Aberhart speaks with Brent Nicol about the new innovations coming in the Wild West of technology in ag, what a techgronomist is, and how farmers can implement the tools that are out there to better their operation!

  • Growing the Future Podcast: Cherilyn Nagel

    Cherilyn Nagel covers all kind of interesting ground in this candid conversation telling all about her personal journey of embracing farming and agricultural debate from the fields of Saskatchewan to the worldwide stage and everything in between!

  • Growing The Future Podcast: Dean Klippestine

    Dean Klippenstine is the National Crops Leader for MNP. Growing the Future Podcast talks about why Dean is a cool accountant, Dean’s farming background, looking at a long term perspective on land in agriculture, figuring out the vision of MNP to bring “infinite sustainability”, and balancing short term financial success with long term prospective on financials.