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  • Newborn calves watched closely during heat waves

    While crops may be the bigger concern during such stifling heat, ranchers also need to keep an eye on their animals. The week-long heat wave is expected to put much of Alberta's key cattle country into the low to mid 30-degree Celsius range for at least a week. 

  • Nutritional therapy tackles livestock transport

    As new regulations and controversies swirl around the issue of long-distance livestock transport, nutritional therapy is emerging as a top solution to protect animal welfare as well as the image and profitability of livestock industries.

  • BCRC: Copper deficiency takes heavy toll

    Garret Hill couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Cattle had plenty of grass, clean water, a standard mineral mix in front of them, they appeared to be in good condition, yet conception rates among cows and heifers on his family’s central Saskatchewan ranch were declining.