As the youth compete in this year’s edition of 4-H on Parade the Chair of Livestock Competions at the Calgary Stampede is reflecting on where 4-H has come from, where it is now and its future.

David Farran says while the values of participants have stayed the same, many parts are evolving to keep up with what society, in particular consumers, are prioritizing.

“Our relationship with food is changing dramatically,  those are all now becoming a part of the ever evolving 4-H programs,” says Farran.

Farran believes the event is a natural fit for the Stampede as it is a great link with youth, who are the farmers of the future.

”It’s people that are getting together and taking agriculture seriously  and meeting and sharing stories and experience.”

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He adds it’s exciting to see all the youth together during the three day event.

“There is such a varied program here and they are involved in so many things, it is really staging them for the future.”

Farran is quick to point out how equipped the youth are to be ambassadors on how food is prepared in our country to those who are not connected to agriculture.

”This is a place where we can make that bridge where people can understand where there food comes from.”

He says it really falls  on the youth to lead this change, because if they aren’t thinking about it no one is.

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