ALERT line grows in popularity for both livestock producers and public alike

Alberta Farm Animal Care’s ALERT line continues to grow by leaps and bounds every year.
The line’s coordinator Pam Miller says over 500 calls were placed to the line last year.
“Of those 500 calls, 88 cases were investigated that required some sort of
intervention and help. If the caller is unfamiliar with agricultural practices, the
ALERT coordinator will provide the information that will enable them to better
understand the situation they were calling about. We receive a lot of calls that
are unfounded,” said Miller.

Miller says more and more ALERT has become a source of information.
“The ALERT resource team members have successfully nipped problems in the
bud and provided practical hands-on advice to improve animal care and
supported producers when the public calls were unfounded.”

Miller says the line was originally put in place at the request of producers in 1995.
“Where the public concerned could report any suspected animal care concerns in
a confidential way. As well, they requested service for livestock owners
themselves to be able to get some help. We know that animal welfare is a
growing public concern and agriculture is definitely under scrutiny.”

The ALERT line number is 1-800-506-2273