Cypress County’s very own Jim Anderson and his liberty horse, Marilyn Monroe, have roped up yet another stampede buckle at this year’s Cowboy Up Challenge finals.

Anderson finished just ahead of the reserve champion, Joshua Rushing, who came from Missouri to compete.

So what does one do with three stampede buckles you ask?

Anderson responded with an answer you would expect, by saying “I put them in my dresser.”

Anderson is very down to earth, and very confident that success relies with connecting and communicating with your horse.

A full-time clinician that puts on schools and clinics on how to train horses, Anderson says that there are two main keys to knowing your horse : trust, and confidence.

“One of the things that makes them is that they need some heart. They need some confidence and trust in you. So they need to move their feet really fast but they also need to let down and relax.” says Anderson.

Anderson says he was very confident going into the competition, and had high hopes with the results.

“My mare has just gotten better every time I come in here. She’s just an excellent horse so I knew that she was gonna be with me, I would just have to go through the course.”

This is Anderson’s third time winning since he started in 2010. And when he isn’t winning he’s not far off placing third and reserve during that time as well.