For some it may sound like gibberish with a bunch of numbers thrown in, for others who have sat through a cattle auction or two they can hear all the words and appreciate the art that their ears are taking in.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this gift and passion of being an auctioneer often runs in the family.

This year’s winner of the International Livestock Auctioneer Championship held recently at the Calgary Stampede is a third generation auctioneer.

Marcus Kent from Dunnellon, Florida is a contract auctioneer, who sells cattle every Monday and cars the rest of the week. He says he learned this craft from his Dad.

The 30-year-old has nine years of experience under his belt and says he gets better not only by practicing these elaborate tongue twisters, but by listening to other auctioneers.

“I’m constantly listening to tape, I record myself all the time. I even listen to other auctioneers on Facebook mostly. I’m a nerd about it. I’m always listening,” says Kent.

Tyler Rosehill from Olds Auction Market and Rosehill Auction Services in Olds Alberta also has this gift running through his veins, he grew up in the show ring at the auction.
“My family has always ran the market in Olds, so if you’re working there in the summers or during the fall run. Born and raised in Olds no stranger doing auction sales, I suppose or livestock it kinda runs in my blood a little bit,” says Rosehill.

Rosehill finished in the top 10 in this competition, he says it’s always a good time to take part in this competition.

“Great time of year, I really enjoy taking part in the Calgary Stampede’s Livestock Auctioneers Championship, it amazes me all the volunteer work that goes into this Calgary Stampede as a whole thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of hours just to make it happen. It makes me proud to be close to where it happens, it’s a pretty good deal for Alberta.”

Marcus Kent says if you want to be in this business and be the best of the best you need to know your market.

“You need to go to that market and sit there at that market . He needs to know what he’s selling he needs to know the difference between this heifer and this heifer he really needs to know that market You know you don’t want to be settin stuff in 50 cents back of the money it will really wear on your voice.”


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