As we drive down the highway, our eyes are constantly pulled towards roadside advertisements and flashy billboards from the latest and greatest products and services. However, very few of these stand out.

So what sets the successful businesses apart? An identifiable, genuine, and eye-catching brand.

This phenomenon does not stop at the roadside. It extends all the way to your land and your business. As you will see, branding your farm can make a world of difference.

Giving your farm a brand helps you create a story and personality that aligns with your own values, and makes those values clear to your consumers. Think of your brand as your farm’s personality – the first thing people think of when they think of your farm. Actively taking control of your branding can help shape the perceptions your customers have in the way you want them to be shaped, and can differentiate your business from the rest. By emphasizing your values, branding can help facilitate openness between farm and consumer. Essentially, establishing a brand can help you modernize and create a story for your farm, as well as build a reputation that you’re proud to cultivate.

Cole’s Ag Communications is here to help

As a leader in agricultural branding, we use a collaborative process when developing your brand, meaning that your vision is paramount to our success and we do not stop until you’re truly satisfied.

How do we do this?

We start by creating a logo for your farm with our graphic design team. This logo process comes with unlimited revisions so that we arrive at a final product you feel great about displaying to the world.

In addition, we offer web design and development, creating a website that is both easy for you to use and maintain. This makes your services more visible and increases consumers’ knowledge of what you have to offer and what you’re all about. Using a variety of web development platforms, we can make your farm fully social media integrated and accessible on a multitude of different platforms, and ensure that you’re able to run your website by yourself with ease.

Finally, we can increase your visibility by creating both print and online advertisements to get your name out there, specifically targeting your intended consumers. We also offer a flexible range of these services – you can choose one, all, or a mix – to fit your budget and suit your specific needs.

                                                                             Differentiate yourself

Your farm is more than a logo, a website, or an advertisement: it’s all about your values and your passion. Investing in a strategy to communicate those values can help modernize your business and tell your story.

We’re here to help.

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