Things are really starting to come together for the Canadian Beef Industry conference, which will be held in London, Ontario in August.

Past Chair Virgil Lowe says they are adding more interactive sessions this year.

“We’re also adding additional live cattle demonstrations, so in addition to our handling demonstration,  we also have a talk comparing the phenotype traits to genomics, which should be really interesting,” said Lowe.

Lowe says they were added because of their popularity last year.

“You know conferences are fun, but everybody especially beef farmers and ranchers get sick of sitting at a desk and tired of sitting listening to people all day, so it’s nice to  get up and be able to go somewhere and watch something take home and use tomorrow on the farm, so that’s we’re doing it again in London and we are really looking forward to it.”

Speaking of interactive sessions, Lowe is really encouraging people to show up early for a beef tour.

“If you are coming from outside of Ontario, we definitely encourage you coming a little bit earlier and attending a beef farming tour people to come a little bit early and attending a beef tour hosted by Beef Farmers of Ontario.”

Lowe says this conference will once again have a real party atmosphere to it.

“The point is to be the meeting place for the Canadian Beef Industry from coast to coast to coast and well last year we also had some people from the States so beyond border.  Across the industry too, so we had a strong showing from the pure-bred, cow-calf, feedlot and even downstream from the packing and retail sectors of the industry.

“It’s not like other conferences, where it is sort of the same people showing up all the time,  we see a lot of new faces, people who just want to come out and  meet some interesting cattle people and have a little fun.”

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