Niagara Falls (Rural Roots Canada) – For more than 25 years, Dr. Caroline Brookfield has had a successful career as a veterinarian. But there were times throughout her career when she couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something was missing.

Reflecting on her life, she focused on moments and events that had brought her joy.

“I kept going back to things that I loved in high school, like drama, performance, and improv. When I started my own businesses and doing stand-up comedy, I realized I was missing out on using my creativity.”

Remembering those drama and improv classes and taking to the stage to do stand-up comedy had tapped into that side of her that yearned for expression, something she had set aside in pursuit of her career as a vet.

It was a turning point for Dr. Brookfield, and she became an advocate for creativity in all its forms.

“I thought if this gives me so much joy, what about other people? And because of my research background, I dove into the research around applied and everyday creativity. I was blown away by the benefits.”

She calls it a little-known secret that she was adamant about sharing with the world.

“I figured if this can help me, I can help others find more joy and happiness in their life. But the evidence also shows how great creativity is for organizations and job performance.”

Tapping into her other passion for public speaking, she started holding talks to reach people who may not consider themselves as the creative type to help them unearth their hidden potential. She has honed her presentation skills to make her talks more interactive and engaging, inviting her audience to actively participate in the creative process.

When she gave her first talk at the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference, she instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and the energy.

“The type of attendee, and the audience, and the tone, and the energy was so incredible. It was just an amazing group of people, both women and men. What I loved is that people came up to me and said this is something different, a perspective I hadn’t thought about before, and it’s something I think I really need in my personal and professional life.”

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It’s why she agreed to join the AWC East conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, from November 19-21. Dr. Brookfield encourages anyone related to the agriculture industry to search for unique perspectives and ideas to take part in the conference.

“One of the things I love about it is it selects a diverse range of speakers, and it speaks to individuals who have different interests and expands your mind a little bit, which is one of the instrumental habits I talk about for creativity, to meet new people, find novelty, learn new things and connect with people and agriculture.”

Learn more about the AWC East conference at this link.

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