Lethbridge (Rural Roots Canada) – Over the past year, about 50,000 tonnes of french fries have been devoured by the cattle as part of their daily rations at Kasko Cattle Company near Lethbridge.

In a promotional video, owner Ryan Kasko says the move fits perfectly with their nutritional plan for the livestock.

“When we feed silage to our cattle, it’s like a salad that a human would eat and would be similar to the grass they might eat when they’re out on the ranch,” said Kasko.

“Then we also mix in some grains we get some starch from the french fries that we feed. We also include minerals and vitamins and other nutrients into their diet.”

He says they worked out this diet with their nutritionist company.

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He says this also allows them to help reduce food waste.

“For our partner, the french fry plant, it’s great for them too because they are able to send french fries to be upcycled into cattle.”

Kasko says we all win if we can feed it to cattle instead of putting it in a landfill.

One thing about feeding potatoes to cattle is that it adds a lot of value to their ration, according to Kasko.




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