For the first time in its nearly 30 years of existence the Classroom Agriculture Program in Alberta is an independent organization after incorporating into a society.

As a result, it will now be launching its first program as an independent organization and has no shortage of eager students ready to learn the ins and outs of agriculture., with 22,000 grade four students already registered.  CAP doesn’t plan to stop there either with a goal of reaching 30,000 students over the next 2-years.

In a release, the General Manager of CAP, Karen Spelay, says the program is truly unique.

“CAP is the only program of its kind: curriculum connected, delivered in class, by volunteers from across the agriculture industry. The presenters have a vested interest
in sharing these important messages because the future of the agriculture industry relies on this new generation understanding its important role in our day to day lives,” said Spelay.

The program may be independent, but doesn’t stand alone as it has the backing of Agriculture for Life, the Alberta Barley Commission, Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Canola Producers, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Institute of Agrologists, Alberta Irrigation Projects Association, Alberta Milk, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Alberta Wheat Commission, Eastern Irrigation District and the Egg Farmers of Alberta.

Chair David Sprague says this program is vital in the education of youth moving forward.

“In the past, students who didn’t themselves live on a farm may have had grandparents or family that did. As society has become more urbanized, that situation no longer
exists, and agriculture is becoming more and more removed from its roots—making CAP so important – it helps children connect to agriculture and their food, “ said Sprague.