Lethbridge (Rural Roots Canada) – It’s been four years since ground was broken on a $50-million expansion of Corteva Agriscience’s seed production facility in Lethbridge, Alberta. Its completion not only coincides with the company’s 15 years of operating within Lethbridge, it also further advances the company’s capabilities to deliver advanced canola seed technologies to growers.

The Lethbridge facility is Corteva’s primary canola seed production site in North America. It’s best-in-class breeding and production processes produce high-quality seed and the company routinely works in partnership with local farmers who grow crops for the company’s seed production program.

Rick Bannerman, Corteva Agriscience Location Manager, says growing demand made the expansion a necessity and evolving technologiesCorteva and innovations in the industry made it vital.

“The industry continues to evolve. Some of the new technologies like our newest seed Optimum GLY™ trait, and additional traits, ensure our customers get maximum yield on their farm.”

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Optimum GLY is Corteva’s new and advanced herbicide-tolerant trait, designed to benefit farmers. This proprietary glyphosate trait technology is intended to deliver enhanced weed control and a wider window of herbicide application.

Bannerman says the expansion of its facility sends a strong statement to farmers and the agricultural sector as a whole about the importance of Southern Alberta as a key contributor to Canada’s agricultural future.

Corteva“There’s really good ag land here, water resources, and a lot of infrastructure. It allows us to make sure we can deliver those high-quality products to farmers across North America.”

You can learn more about the expanded facility by visiting the company’s website

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