We’re in the midst of Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week.

For the 5th year in a row, agriculture is the focus of discussion in classrooms across the country.

Ag Education Consultant Karen Carle says students have been participating in activities to learn about, connect and understand more about the agriculture industry.

“We really promote kids learning about where their food comes from. There’s such a disconnect now between urban students, and rural life. So this is a way to connect students with their food sources.”

Carle says she believes it’s important for children to be learning about on of Alberta’s most important industries.

“I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about agriculture, and I think the more information that kids have the better. They can make healthier food choices. They can learn about an important aspect of the economy in Alberta. Learn about future careers, and I think it’s just good knowledge to have.”

Carle says on top of that many kids don’t know that there’s more to agriculture than just farming.

“Even though the farmers themselves are extremely important, there’s a lot of supports that go into helping farmers. Whether it’s researchers, whether it’s marketing professionals, or financing professionals. There’s even drone technology, it’s becoming a very high-tech sector. So there’s lots of great opportunities for kids in agriculture.”

Anyone looking to learn more about the Ag Industry can visit the Alberta Agriculture website or on the national Agriculture in the Classroom website.