The threat of a wildfire is always a possibility while operating heavy machinery in extremely dry conditions.

Geoffrey Driscoll is with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, he says it is times like this when everyone has to be extra careful, especially with a large amount of fire fighters and resources battling blazes in Fort McMurray and other areas of the province.

He says there is some equipment that you should carry with you at all times.

“There are a lot of simple precautions, things that you are probably already thinking of, but, as simple as keeping a fire extinguisher in your cab if you’re out in your fields and something happens, you hit a rock or something and a fire starts getting it under control or putting it out very quickly is key because as soon as it starts to spread it’s a lot more difficult to stop,” says Driscoll.

Farmyard maintenance is also important is preventing wildfires.

“As simple as cutting your grass, you know there are a lot of areas across the farm that if fire got in there it could spread really quickly just make sure your grass around your fences is low and there isn’t very much of it that way fire can’t catch into it and can’t spread nearly as fast.”

Driscoll says you also need to check for debris on your equipment, especially ATV’s while operating them.

“If you’re out on your off-highway vehicle like a quad or a dirt bike make sure to check hot spots for any debris so check under the seat or the exhaust check for debris because what can happen it can become super-heated, dry and drop to the ground and become a wildfire.”

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