Langham, Sask (Rural Roots Canada) – A new, cutting-edge fungicide is hitting the market, geared toward bolstering disease management in pulse crops in western Canada.

It’s called RevyPro. Created in response to the rise of disease resistance in pulse crops, its developer, BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, calls it a game-changing solution that offers a new standard of protection.

RevyPro is the first Canadian Revysol-based pulse fungicide and marks a significant advancement in managing both early and late pulse diseases. Powered by the active ingredient Mefentrifluconazole, Revysol’s unique FRAC Group 3 mode of action provides a stronger binding to pathogens than traditional fungicides.

Bethany Wyatt, Technical Marketing Specialist for Fungicides at BASF, explains the science.

“It’s a new Group 3, but it is unique in that it’s in a subgroup of its own. It’s the first and only isopropanol-azole. The benefit that it brings is it has the ability to flex. Every other group 3 molecule out there is rigid, and the ability that Revysol has to flex and bind more tightly to the binding site gives it a lot of unique abilities that any other fungicide molecule doesn’t have,” says Wyatt. 

“Our goal in the development of RevyPro was to create a product that would provide efficacy, whether resistance is present or not, to equip western Canadian growers with an enhanced solution to address the challenges they face,” she adds. 

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In a statement, Sylvain Mialon, Brand Manager at BASF, emphasizes, “This pioneering product was developed specifically for pulse growers in Western Canada, showcasing proven efficacy against major pulse diseases.”

Key benefits of RevyPro include its adaptive building characteristics with pathogens and rapid activation. Notably, its capacity to control a wider spectrum of diseases ensures consistent performance, eliminating the need for growers to tailor their approach based on the disease at hand.

RevyPro is poised to make its debut for the 2024 growing season. Wyatt says, as anticipation mounts, eager growers can gain firsthand insights into its new product in the days and weeks ahead, as BASF plans to show off the product at a handful of events throughout the fall and winter.

You can read more about RevyPro at this link.