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Telkwa, B.C.’s Glenn Kerr calls his passion for heavy horse pulls his addiction, an addiction which he says has kept him competing for the past 30 years.

Fans and his fellow competitors from the Bulkley Valley and across northern B.C. are glad the veteran horse puller is still competing.

Always a crowd favourite, Kerr has been a fixture of the Bulkley Valley Exhibition since 1987 and is known for the Shire draft horses he brings to the event and others across the north.

This past Sunday, his horses Jay and Trace were the pair doing the pulling at the 10th Annual Heavy Horse Pull in Smithers, B.C.

Kerr says they aren’t known for what they do at these types of events, however, he is sure proud of them.

“They’re not really good pulling horses, I use them more on the farm.  I mow 60 – 70 acres of hay with them and lots raking and rock picking with them, some discing stuff like that.  They are worth their weight in gold on the farm,” says Kerr.

Kerr says he used to travel as far as Edmonton to compete, but is content these days with keeping all the pulls he takes part in a little closer to home.

He says these events help keep the rich history of these magnificent animals fresh in the minds of all who take in the events.

“It brings attention to the important role heavy horses played when they were developing these countries, whether you are talking about Canada, the U.S. or the Commonwealth.”

He is pleased to see younger generations getting involved and believes it bodes well for the future.

“That’s what we need for sure, because a lot of the pullers are getting old like myself.”

At this particular event, the Adamson team from Smithers led by Curtis Adamson placed, beating out seven other teams from Dawson Creek, Prince George, Vanderhoof, Telkwa and Terrace.


Telkwa, BC’s Glenn Kerr competing at the 10th Annual Heavy Horse Pull in Smithers.

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