Meat rabbits have been around for thousands of years… the question is, how much do we know about them?

Studies have shown that domestic rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man.

Rabbit meat isn’t just used for its taste, but is also used for people who have special diets because of the nutritional benefits the meat provides.

Leila Cranswick, a farmer from Calgary area has been raising meat rabbits for a decade and currently has over 100.

She says that the health benefits the meat provides is incredible, and can often be overlooked.

“The meat from the rabbits is “lean, low in cholesterol, low in calories,” says Cranswick adding, “Tastes just like chicken”.

Cranswick says she comes into the city to educate people about meat rabbits at events such as Aggie Days and the Calgary Stampede.

If meat rabbits become more popular, it could cut down on the importing costs on the rabbits, helping to boost Canada’s economy.