A leader in Canadian beef advocacy for over two decades is retiring.

Marty Carpenter is leaving behind a tremendous legacy of growth has he retires from his role as the Director of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.

Carpenter has promoted Canadian Beef since 1995 when he was hired by the Alberta Cattle Commission.

Since then he has also worked for the Alberta Cattle Commission,  Beef Information Centre and Canada Beef.

He tells Rural Roots Canada he has enjoyed his career.

“I’ve really enjoyed my career with the Canadian beef industry, it’s been an excellent journey again bringing that enthusiasm that I try to infuse every day,” says Carpenter.

Carpenter says the highlight was leading the creation and operation of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.

“To be able to take an empty space essentially and create a world-class training and engagement venue was a highlight certainly in my career.”

During his two decades in the various roles Carpenter led the Canadian beef brand through tremendous growth.