The Alberta Farm Animal Care Council and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development are offering tips to farmers and acreage owners putting together emergency preparedness plans.

When putting together a plan they say producers should follow three steps.

1 – Know the risks

2 – Make a plan

3 – Get a Kit.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Emergency Program Manager Brad Andres says your mindset should be similar to when you draft an emergency plan for your family.  “Think about the risks that are in your area. If you’re making a plan for the family and you’ve got animals, add the animals to your plan. Get the pieces of an
emergency kit or equipment that would allow you to deal with your animals in the same fashion as you would with the family.”

He says the same plan should apply for non-owners who have animals on their property. “You have to look at all the animals that you’re responsible for and if you’re feeding and watering them then you’re going to be responsible to do something with them in the times of emergency and if it’s nothing else then contacting the owners and they’re going
to come and do it, then that’s your plan and that works too.”

Andres says a good place to find help with your emergency plan is going to the Government of Canada website

You may also download a copy of the “Get Prepared” brochure and farm/acreage plan from the AFAC website

This story courtesy of Alberta Farm and Animal Care