A new research centre aimed at bridging the gap between research and farmers has been announced for Olds College.

The Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production will give cattle and sheep producers and students entering the industry a chance to learn first hand ways to enhance production efficiency and promote herd health and welfare.

The state of the art research centre is to become a knowledge, networking and technology transfer hub for the region.

In a statement, Stephen Scott, Executive Director of the Canadian Hereford Association says every year research is conducted on new products, or on new practices that can really make a difference to the profitability of the beef industry.

“Unfortunately, the commercialization of research outcomes into new on-farm practices is a rare occurrence. The Technology Access Centre will be a place for producers to bridge the gap between the newest science and implementation of these practices on their own operations. The centre will provide Alberta beef producers with the tools they need to remain competitive in a changing marketplace.”

Producer will be able to see these tools and learn the information first through demonstrations provided by ‘TAC’, which the college believes will accelerate the use of it on farms.

Acting Vice President of Advancement, Tanya MacDonald says the college is a perfect fit for the centre.

“Our Olds College Centre for Innovation has had a number of successes in livestock research, and the expertise of our faculty and research staff will continue to make a difference for producers who work with us,” MacDonald said.   “TAC will allow us to work directly with producers in helping solve problems faced in every livestock operation.”

Its aim is to meet future challenges such as greater environmental stewardship and animal welfare while improving overall competitiveness.

The announcement of the centre follows a five-year funding commitment from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.