A massive donation from UFA is paving the way for a new Innovation Lab at Olds College.

UFA is donating $500,000 for the lab, which will be located in the Smart Ag Innovation Centre.

Olds College President Stuart Cullum says the donation is an investment in the student experience and the future of agriculture.

”Students who have a keen interest on solving issues in the industry, now have a place to go,” said Cullum.

He adds they will be able to explore new ideas, test innovative products, processes and ultimately express their entrepreneurial creativity in ways that will make a

L-R Kevin Hoppins, UFA Chairman of the Board, Carol Kitchen UFA President and CEO, Leona Staples Olds College Chairman of the Board, Delanie Knull Olds College Agriculture student, Stuart Cullum, Olds College President

positive impact on Alberta agriculture sector.

UFA President and CEO Carol Kitchen says the donation makes sense from a business perspective.

”We are focused on collaborating with our agricultural partners to actively engage, learn from and work with young minds in our community,” said Kitchen.

Construction is expected to be done in December.

On top of building the UFA Innovation Lab, the five-year funding commitment will also contribute to the college’s Smart Farm.

Agriculture student Delanie Knull says the lab and the Smart Farm are exciting opportunities for students like her that want to explore technology and try new things.

“Being able to learn by doing and by experimenting in a hands-on setting is what I’m most excited about,” said Knull.




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