As pork farmers across the country remain vigilant for signs of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in their herds, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is conducting scientific tests to see if the virus is finding a way to spread through feed.

This follows Grand Valley Fortifiers issuing a voluntary recall of certain pelleted swine nursery feed products containing porcine plasma on Feburary 9th.  Subsequent tests show the virus was present in samples of U.S.-origin plasma at a third-party manufacturer of the company.

The CFIA says this plasma was used as an ingredient in feed pellets.

What is not clear at this point, is whether this plasma is capable of causing disease in piglets, a question the CFIA is trying to answer through testing.   They hope to have an answer in the next few days.

The company is working with the CFIA to assess the effectiveness of the recall and to trace the steps of where the pellets have been sold.   The CFIA is not stopping there either, they are reviewing records of all imports of swine plasma and warns there could be more recalls on the way.

18 farms have confirmed cases of PEDv across the country, 16 of which are in Ontario, while both Manitoba and Prince Edward Island have one apiece.