(Rural Roots Canada) – Some welcome raindrops on the highway camera at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan on Sunday, April 6:

prairie weather
Courtesy:  Highway Hotline – Government of Saskatchewan

Parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta will see more moisture this week, while southern Manitoba remains mainly dry.   No significant storms are expected this week.   One computer model had suggested the chance of a snowstorm in southern Alberta next weekend, but has since backed off.   However, there will be other, more minor, events that could bring some beneficial pre-seeding moisture to the region.

Spring is a difficult season for weather forecasting.   It’s the season where anything, from snow to hail, to rain to thunderstorms, can happen.   Above all others, this is the season to expect the unexpected.

This week, temperatures will be consistent right through Thursday across the prairies, with overnight lows just below the freezing point, and afternoon highs peaking from  5 to 15 degrees.    Then it gets warm.  Parts of southern Saskatchewan will warm up first, with highs reaching 20 degrees on Friday.   Highs near 15 will be common between Calgary and Brandon, and as far north as Prince Albert.   Saturday, 20 degree highs are possible between Calgary and Regina, and it will be only slightly cooler elsewhere across the southern prairies.   And, on Sunday next week, we could see readings as high as 25 coming to parts of central Saskatchewan.


The week will begin with sunshine in southern Alberta, eastern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba.  Rain is expected in a north/south line just east of Highway 4 in Saskatchewan.  That band of rain will remain stationary for a few hours, then weaken as it begins to move east.


Tuesday begins mainly sunny across the southern prairies, with partly cloudy conditions in southern Manitoba.  Rain is possible in central Saskatchewan, with amounts between 5 and 10 mm.  We can’t rule out snow in far northern Alberta, in places mixed with rain.  There is also a  chance of snow in the central foothills of Alberta, particularly around Sundre and Rocky Mountain House.   There is the potential for late day rain rain elsewhere in southern Alberta.  This map shows accumulated precipitation from midnight Tuesday morning to midnight Wednesday morning:

prairie weather
Courtesy: ECCC

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Following the wet weather Tuesday, the sky should clear in southern Alberta.   The wet weather moves into Saskatchewan, with rain crossing the province from west to east through the day.  There may be a dusting of snow near Pincher Creek and Waterton in southwestern Alberta, but if there is any accumulation, it will be insignificant.


Rain moves into southern Manitoba Wednesday night and early Thursday, which clearing expected later in the morning.   Northern Manitoba will be cloudy with snow, extending back into northern Saskatchewan.  Central and northern Alberta will be cloudy, with some sun for the southern part of the province.


A weak Low pressure system develops near Stettler, Alberta, and most of the prairies will be under cloud cover.  There may be a few showers near the centre of the low, and in the foothills north of Highway 16.  An Arctic high in Nunavut will draw cold air into northern Manitoba, with snow north of Gillam and Lynn Lake.


No significant weather is expected across the prairies, which will remain partly to mainly cloudy.   There will be rain across much of Saskatchewan and central Manitoba, and snow in the northern reaches of both provinces.


Expect rain across much of central Alberta Sunday, with significant accumulations near, west, and north of Edmonton.  It won’t be as rainy in southern Alberta, with partly cloudy conditions expected.   Southern Saskatchewan could be hit with a mix of rain and snow.   Cloudy in southern Manitoba, with snow in the northern third of the province.

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