Auctioneers are the kings of tongue twisters.

So it’s only fitting that Dean Edge from Rimbey, Alberta has been the talk of the town and the country since he won the 2017 International Livestock Auctioneer Championships at the Calgary Stampede.

Edge says he has taken great pride in being able to share his victory with his community.

“It’s a big talked about thing in my hometown and home community they feel like their part of the team and I really appreciate that I get to be on their side and on their team,” said Edge.

“Not just that, when you travel around and people hear about the Calgary Stampede all the time, I won the contest at the Stampede and it was the first year it paid more money, everyone wants to shake my hand and congratulate me.  It really puts a feather in my hat that I get to hang around those kinds of people.”

As last year’s champion, Edge is encouraging auctioneers from all over to get out and compete in this year’s event.

“It’s one of the greatest contests there is and like I say the prize money has gone up a lot so that a little more of an incentive for people to come.  It pays $10,000 for first and the prizes they give out are awesome.”

He adds the atmosphere is top notch.

“The camaraderie is really good too it’s not they don’t put you in a little office and you’re not allowed to watch the sale or anything like that you can be hanging out with the buyers and you can be watching and everyone is in a good guy club you know.”

We just welcome everyone to come, everybody is going to be treated fair and equal and  treated above par that’s for sure.”

On top of auctioneering, Edge is also a professional calf-roper.

Rural Roots Canada caught up with Edge right after he won the 2017 Calgary Stampede Livestock Auctioneering Championship: