“One of the things we need to bring into the discussion is the discussion of the emotion of farming as well as the practicality,” says AGvisorPRO CEO and Founder Rob Saik referring to how agriculture can strengthen its relationship with consumers.

In this interview, Rob and RRC’s Craig Lester also talk about why sustainable intensification at the farm level will help feed the world and why everyone in the industry needs to adopt technology at a quicker rate.

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They also take a trip back in time as Rob reflects on what he would tell his younger self if he had the chance.

They conclude their conversation with a look into how the idea for AGvisorPRO formed and where it is headed as they look to help farmers connect with the expertise they need in a timely fashion.

As Rob puts it: “AGvisorPRO shrinks time and space, while expanding minds.”

This feature is powered by AGvisorPRO.

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