Please allow us a moment for a brief humblebrag.

Since its inception, Rural Roots Canada has strived to amplify Canadian agriculture. Our goal has been to show the world the power and the promise of the Canadian agricultural sector and those who live and work within it.

Last week’s solar storm caused many headaches for farmers across the Prairies, knocking out GPS equipment from Alberta to Manitoba and beyond. Many farmers took to various Facebook groups to highlight some of the issues.

We took note and wrote up an article about it. We cited some of the posts and one farmer was kind enough to share a photo highlighting his struggles of not having a functional GPS unit. You can read the article here.

Similar issues were being reported by farmers throughout the United States, catching the attention of the New York Times and USA Today, two massive news publications that reach a wide and diverse readership across North America. Both papers released articles about the solar storm and its effects on farm tech.

Imagine our surprise when both publications linked to our story! USA Today even quoted us twice!

Photo Courtesy: Shanyn Silinski

To be linked to and cited in such prestigious and credible news outlets like this is beyond anything we expected. It’s proof that our hard work and dedication to sharing the latest agriculture news isn’t going unnoticed, and we’re grateful for the exposure. It also motivates us to continue to share with you the goings-on in the agriculture sector and we’re incredibly humbled that you turn to us for agricultural news that matters to you. For that, we thank you.

We believe agriculture and food have the ability to bridge the gap between urban and rural, and we will continue to strive to tell the stories of the people who make this industry so great.

In the meantime, the NY Times article can be found here, and the USA Today article here.