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We’re well into bull sale season.

Rural Roots Canada caught up with one of the owners of Soderglen Ranches, located northwest of Airdrie, Alberta, at their annual bull sale recently to talk about the sale and cattle prices.

Stan Grad says it was a strong sale.

“You know the cattle cycle is good.  We’re a little off from last year that’s to be expected.  I think we are in a little different spot in the curve in the cattle business,” said Grad.

He says the outlook for the cattle market looks good now.

“I think we really have an optimistic and really a decent future ahead for the cow business in the next three to five years that’s as far as you can look out.”

Grad says he believes the market last year was unsustainable.

“Last year was a little too strong and if anything it probably hurt outfits like ourselves so this is more realistic and everyone can afford to buy today.”

On top of having a great sale, Soderglen was able to raise over $15,000 for Ronald McDonald House in Calgary.