Youth from around Alberta will step up to the mic to talk about agriculture once again at the Calgary Stampede this year.

Eric Dalke is the Chair of Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture.

He says this year’s competition will be happening on Wednesday, July 10th.

“We’ve got great participation from across the province,” says Dalke.

“We’re an Alberta based competition, we’ve got youth that are 11 to age 24 speaking on one of seven topics this year and I just have to say the passion that they show every time the speakers come up.”

He says the passion the participants show is just incredible.

“They talk about one of these topics that they have chosen is just incredible, they love agriculture and they want to talk about it and what a great learning opportunity for students or university age young people to share their passion for agriculture.”

The winners of the junior or senior levels will get to move on to nationals, known as the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture competition in Toronto.

“It’s a great opportunity to use your skills and perhaps win your trip and share your passion at a national level.”

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Dalke says it’s a great idea for youth to sign-up even if they are doubting themselves a bit.

“It’s like the Nike slogan, just do it, I’ve seen so much incredible growth from youth that have come through the program.”

Dalke says the competition has really helped people build on their careers.

“They’ve really gone on to do great things in the agricultural space and winning this competition was a nice building block for them. If you are just looking to practice or really out there to win, just do it, sign-up and give it a shot.”

The deadline to sign-up is Sunday, June 30.

To register and for more information click here.