Everyone loves a good story.

Stories have the ability to capture imagination, inspire, fulfill, educate and enlighten anyone who takes them in.

A great example of this is the stories that farmers have shared through the FarmOn Foundation’s #FARMVOICES campaign.

The campaign which is held every Earth Day, Wednesday marking the third time it has been held, has seen 5,000 photos and farm stories come from 26 countries, a number which will only continue to grow.

The campaign’s original aim was focused on farmers being able to tell their powerful stories to consumers allowing them to connect the farm to their dinner plate.

FarmOn’s Sarah Wray says it has resulted in one other benefit they didn’t predict.

“While this has occurred, one of the largest unintended but beautiful outcomes was that through the power of their stories, farmers started to become amazing support systems for each other,” said Wray, in a statement.

Wray says seeing these stories inspire other farmers, because they have been able to relate to them has made for one of the most amazing things they have ever experienced at FarmOn.

“To know that someone faces hurdles that you face, that they have similar fears, that they overcome seemingly impossible challenges – that’s the power an individuals’ story holds. And it’s the power of #FARMVOICES,” said Wray.

For more information on the #FARMVOICES campaign click here.

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