Micro-chipping in Thoroughbreds may soon become a more of a requirement after an announcement was made by the Alberta Division of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society in regards to micro chipping.

The announcement was made when the Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry approved funding for C.T.H.S.’s upcoming pilot project called Alberta Thoroughbred Micro-chipping.

The motivation of the project is to regulate the way that identification and location of Thoroughbreds is used for equine management, and the C.T.H.S. would like this to become a standard across Canada.

Micro-chips are not a requirement for registration, however by 2017, they will be mandatory in order for foals to become registered.

The project requires the implant site of the microchips to be in the nasal area of the Thoroughbreds, as this location will be safer and easier to manage for the horses and handlers alike.

This will provide a map of sorts for other breeding organizations and associations to follow as a reference, and according to the C.T.H.S. it will move the industry towards a high standard of equine identification and management.

The incorporation of microchips will also bring in potential for new software developed in the future for breed organizations.

The funding for this project is a part of the Growing Forward 2 Traceability Pilot Program with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

The pilot project commenced on August 1st, 2015 and is projected to finish on February 28, 2018.