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Some of the best conversations we have in our life happen around a table.

A conversation that has been trending in Alberta this summer is A-T-B Financial’s “A Seat At Our Table”, which is creating discussions about the journey the food on our plate took to get there from the farm.

Kent and Kassie O’Brien and their family own 4K Farms in Acme where they produce purebred Tamshire and Berkshire as well Berkshire cross with Tamshire pigs.

Kent tells Rural Roots Canada they are proud to show consumers the story behind their products.

“Truth in food. Where does the food come from? What are you feeding my pigs before you give them to me? As a consumer you don’t know, you can go down to any consumer store and buy something and you don’t know what’s in it,” says O’Brien passionately. “You can say it’s beef or its pork or it’s chicken but hey man get back to the roots you don’t know what’s in it. Well, hey come down to the farm we’ll show you what is in it.”

At the centre of this initiative is a table with a story of its own according to Martinez Poole who created it.

“The main table that is on the brochure is made up of an exotic wood that was hard wood flooring that was ripped out of a house in Bowness (in Calgary), there’s a pine that was a barn door from a farm, and there is a Douglas Fir that was from elevator beams that were taken down and milled up too.”

The initiative was launched with a Long Table event with 100 guests at Charbar in Calgary on June 24th with more on the way.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the story of how our food goes from the farm to our plate must be a million plus.

For more on this initiative click here.

Pictures from the Calgary Long Table Event at Charbar on June 24, 2015.

Food for conversation! #ABtable

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Rhubarb Hot & Sour Soup with Rainbow Trout. Produced by @leafandlyre and prepared by @chefdly. #ABtable

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Saskatoon berry gelato from @fiascogelato with @highwoodc & house-made caramel. #ABtable

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