Some of the best steers and heifers from across the country will be on display at the Calgary Stampede’s annual Steer Classic and International Youth Livestock Supreme Championship as well as the Jackpot Heifer shows next weekend.

Over 90 steers will be shown off during next Saturday’s UFA Steer Classic, while over 30 heifers will have their day on Sunday.

Steer Classic First Vice Chairman Brody Gardner tells Rural Roots Canada they have seen the show increase in popularity in recent years.

“There’s always been a good attendance,” said Gardner.  “I think the ag industry is seeing record prices for cattle, but also the most interest we have ever seen from youth, so it’s a good time to be in the steer and all of the agriculture industry, especially seed stock cattle right now, so tons of interest.”

Gardner says they’ve seen an increase in the number of steers and heifers being shown too.

“Almost a complete cross-section from across Canada, we have B.C. all the way through the prairie provinces from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we also have a few Ontario steers and it’s even an international show, I believe, with a few steers coming from across the border.”

The Steer Committee is encouraging one and all to get down to the grounds for the shows.

The steers will show on Saturday at 3 p.m. in the Agrium Western Events Centre, while the heifers will be centre stage in the Northern Lights Arena on Sunday at 11 a.m.