What would you do if you came across an emergency situation involving large livestock?

A technical large animal emergency course is being put on by Alberta Farm and Animal Care in Olds this month that will give you the expertise to deal with those situations.

AFAC spokesperson Kristen Hall tells Rural Roots Canada the workshop is being held on June 25th and 26th in Olds and that Dr. Rebecca Gimenez will be facilitating it.

“This event is for a lot of different people, we basically think anybody who responds to emergencies, so whether that’s vets, livestock owners, firefighters, law enforcement and animal control,” said Hall adding, “there is a lot of people this event is good for so basically we say anybody who has a relationship with agriculture comes to this event.”

Hall says there are two full days of in-class and hands on learning.

“The point of this course is to talk about the latest concepts in emergency rescue techniques, procedures and equipment basically use whatever you have to, to respond to an emergency. So with livestock you have barn fires, trailer rollovers, flooding, you basically have to deal with all of those situations with whatever tools you have available.”

For more information and to register click here.