Unleashing Your Inner Superwoman: Advancing Women in Agriculture Speaker Preview

NIAGARA FALLS (Rural Roots Canada) — In a few short weeks, women from all sectors of the agricultural industry across the country will gather in Niagara Falls, Ontario, for a three-day conference.

One of the speakers at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference – East 2019 is no stranger to this networking event or the agriculture community.

Dr. Brynn Winegard is a Business-Brain Expert and professional speaker who specializes in applied neuroscience research.

“Which is taking brain-based insights and applying it to the business realm or to business people in their lives,” says Winegard.

She says it’s in an attempt to make them better and get them to be more motivated, productive, persuasive and influential.

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Her talk at this month’s conference is called ‘Unleashing Your Inner Superwoman.’

However, it’s probably better know how to develop your outward confidence, your influence with people, and how to take that power back.

She says this is topical with a woman’s conference because increasingly what we are seeing in the agriculture and agri-food sector is that women are becoming more involved.

“They have always been involved in Agrarian society and Agrarian families, but we are starting to see, especially larger operations, way more women.”

She says that is especially true as millennials take over and we see the younger generations started to be more active.

She says agribusiness in Canada is our super core competency, and we’re just too Canadian about it to take much credit.

“If you look on a global perspective, Canada scores very high not just in terms of quality of product, produce and agri-content but also in terms of quantity.”

“I did a lot research into factors of success for agri-business organizations in Canada with funding from the federal government. which eventually led to the Centre of Excellence in Agrifood Business at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.”

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She was flabbergasted during her research to find out that there were many, very successful Canadian organizations in agri-food business.

“It’s larger than a lot of the things that are upholding the Canadian economy and that we are very good in exporting our product.”

Canadians have become an essential part of the global food basket.

“We send huge vast qualities, tonnes and tonnes, of cherries to China through Alibaba that were raised and cultivated in hydroponic gardens in the Prairies in preparation.”

On that note, she adds we have a lot of farmers growing a lot of things people don’t even know about.

For a country of 30-million people, we are growing enough food to feed 3-billion.

“We have a superpower that we don’t even know about; we are very effective in producing food for the world.”

“If you look on a global perspective, Canada scores very high not just in terms of quality of product, produce and agri-content but also in terms of quantity.”

To see Winegard’s speech in person, click here to register for the conference.