The first time Dana Sachvie attended an Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference she was amazed by the number of women there were to network with at the event.

The Senior Administrative Assistant at Cargill says she came back from the first event feeling energized and empowered, which has brought her back multiple times since.

Five times to be exact.

“I look forward to it every year and the content and speakers change every time and even when speakers have returned, the content has evolved and has been relevant and updated to current times,” says Sachvie.

Sachvie has attended the conference two times in the west and three times in the east and every time she has felt the same way coming back from the conference.

“It’s very rich in content that has a real personal development focus and every time when I left I have been re-energized and empowered.”

It puts her in a great mindset when she returned to her job.

“Feeling like I can get back to my job and hit the ground running or conquer the world as well walk away with these day to day reminders that help you function better in your job in this day and age.”

Dianne Finstad is the Master of Ceremonies for the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conferences.

She says there is a certain energy about all of the events.

“When you get in the room you can just feel the buzz, it’s an excitement about being here, and meeting like-minded women who are passionate about agriculture and food,” says Finstad.

Sachvie says it serves as a refresher and an opportunity to grow her network.

“I have personally found it to be a very effective way to meet new people.”

Finstad agrees and believes this is what makes this conference unique.

“It’s that opportunity to gather together and meet people that can help you springboard in whatever it is in agriculture that you are doing and I really think that is worth starting to see that momentum really build as we rack up the years.”

Sachvie adds the changing speakers, exhibitors and workshops help keep it fresh.

“The workshops are diverse in their offerings and they allow individuals to tailor each experience, each time they go for what is suitable for themselves.”

Sachvie says if someone is attending their first conference, attend a pre-conference workshop first to get their feet wet.

Some of the best advice she has ever received came from her first conference back in 2015.

” ‘Just Say Yes’ because you never know what opportunities come from saying yes and having the courage to step outside your comfort zone.”

“AWC instills that inner-confidence we all walk away with subconsciously.”

The next conference takes place in Niagara Falls, Ontario October 27 – 29 for more information and to register click here.

Rural Roots Canada is a proud sponsor of the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference.



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