Olds (Rural Roots Canada) – For decades, Olds College has driven innovation in agriculture. 

But with its 109th birthday on the horizon, it was time for a brand new look and name. 

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology rebrands the institution with a name that gives a renewed focus on what has always been at its core since its inception – agriculture.

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The rebrand comes with a new slogan: Break New Ground. It also includes a new logo that college officials say signals its strength within the education, agricultural and ag-tech sectors. Within the logo, you can easily recognize the field and sky symbolism and the importance of connection.

“Our new brand captures the institution that we have grown into and represents the incredible work that is being done at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology,” says Blayne Meek, Director, Marketing & Communications.

Meek says the school turned to the campus community for insight as it plowed ahead with the rebrand. 

“When we started talking to members of the College community, strong themes emerged around the purpose and impact of our organization, along with an intense openness to changing the existing brand framework and logo. All of the themes and insights gathered from our campus consultations were used to create the foundation of our new brand.”

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Emphasis on technology, which has been a driving force in the always-changing landscape of agriculture, is one of the linchpins of the rebrand. 

“The ag sector is poised to undertake a dramatic evolution that will foster innovation and technology and create economic and employment opportunities at a pace that was hard to imagine just a few short years ago,” comments Patrick Machacek, Vice-President of Development and Strategy.

“Olds College of Agriculture & Technology is positioned to lead at the forefront of this emerging ag revolution…and our new brand beautifully captures the essence of who we are and our promise to Canada’s ag sector.”

To learn more about the new brand and discover which programs it has to offer, visit oldscollege.ca.