With only a few weeks left to go in Agriculture For Life’s #farmbabies17 photo contest, organizers say they have already seen growth in the contest over last year.

Pictures from farms across the province have been pouring into Ag For Life, which will make the final decision all the more harder for this year’s panel of judges.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator Kaley Segboer says they had a lot of great success last year.

“We had a lot of sharing and chatter on social media and we’re going to build on that this year in addition to sharing the photos that are submitted on social media,” said Segboer.

On top of being shared on their social media streams, the photos will also be used as an educational tool as well.

“We are actually going to be compiling them into a bit of a digital photo book with information about the breed of livestock, what kind of farm the animal is coming from, so it can be used as an educational tool for some of our educational programs as well.”

In a statement, Ag For Life CEO Luree Williamson says sharing these photos help explain the countless hours that are put into

“Many people do not understand the dedication and care that goes into raising livestock,” said Luree adding, “we want to share this story and assist in building public trust.”

The winner of the contest will win over $600 in prizes donated by Hi-Pro Feeds, The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, and The Alberta Equestrian Federation.

The contest is open until May 31 and includes all species of farm animals.

To enter the contest or to learn more, click here.


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