The Alberta Wheat Commission is going back to basics with its new consumer marketing campaign entitled ‘Life’s Simple Ingredient’.

The aim of the campaign is to grow the number of conversations happening about wheat.

“It’s based on the premise wheat is a wholesome and nutritious food that has sustained our families for centuries and it’s really a part of our everyday life,” said Alberta Wheat Commission General Manager Tom Steve.  “The purpose of this campaign is to get back to basics to talk about the value and the nutritional properties of wheat that’s grown right here in Alberta and sold around the world in about 70 different countries.”

Steve says it was time they focused on the domestic market.

We looked at the landscape over the past few years, since the beginning of the Alberta Wheat Commission we have been focusing on export markets.  We export roughly 70 per cent of the wheat we grow, however the domestic market is extremely important to us.”

He says they wanted to make sure they stayed in touch with consumers.

“We promoted the value and properties of wheat as part of their every day life.  And so the reason behind this campaign is to reach out to consumers, predominately urban consumers and get them feeling good about eating wheat again.”

The focus of the campaign will predominately be urban consumers in Calgary and Edmonton and will utilize social media, outdoor advertising and engage bloggers, nutritionists and chefs to help spread the word about wheat.

8.4 million tonnes of wheat is grown in Alberta every year.