As the Alberta Government moves forward with the next round of consultations on the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act.  The AgCoalition is asking for more transparency.

In particular, the group is looking for more information surrounding the terms of reference and mandate of the Bill 6 consultation tables.

Until that becomes clear, it says it is hard to know if this process will result in regulations that make sense for farmers, ranchers and their employees.

In a statement, co-chair Kent Erickson says knowing the terms of reference, leadership and expertise of the table members is key information going into this process.

“We believe that our members need to know whether they will be on a level playing field to develop regulations that increase the safety of farms and ranches in Alberta for their families and workers.”

The next phase of consultations will involve six working groups developing recommendations on how employment, occupational health and safety and labour relations requirements should be applied.

The first meetings will be held in mid-June, with the government promising each group will be chaired by an independent, impartial individual.

The people participating was picked from a pool of 250 submissions.

The AgCoalition says it will have 23 of the 72 seats.

The province and AgCoalition are encouraging farmers and ranchers to provide input and feedback through the AgCoalition.

For a full list of the people selected for the working groups and for more information on the process click here.