Alberta’s crop commissions have hired one of the world’s largest independent market research companies, Ipsos Reid, to survey farms across Alberta.

In mid to late June, Ipsos Reid will be phoning growers across the province to survey about their sustainability practices.

The initiative was started when it was decided there was a growing need for the grain sector to meet the high sustainability standards needed to maintain and expand international market competitiveness.

The survey’s results will provide resources to propel the advancements made with farm sustainability production practices in Alberta and will build on last year’s Crops Sustainability Certification Pilot Project.

This will show the work that Albertan’s are doing with farming sustainability, and help to educate those that may not know as much about the topic.

Extension Coordinator for Farm Sustainability Extension Working Group (FSEWG), Jolene Noble says Canadian agriculture has a very positive image in the global market place.

“Alberta growers are progressive, innovative, and dedicated to the stewardship of their land,” says Noble.

Vice Chairman of Alberta Barley, Jason Lenz, says sustainability is increasingly important to consumers, restaurants, and food retailers.

“So we need to be able to demonstrate that we are producing a sustainable product and are dedicated to continued improvement on this front,” says Lenz adding, “living in a world where fewer and fewer people have a connection to agriculture, but at the same time, there is a growing interest by consumers as to where their food comes from.”