Vincent Pawluski has always been a tinkerer.

Raised on a farm in northwestern Alberta, Pawluski would mod his toys and build all kinds of gadgets, including a remote-controlled drill stem for a school science fair.RCFarmArm

Fast-forward a couple of decades. The journeyman millwright and his wife started their own farm operation. While farming the land, he saw an opportunity to fix a common problem when running farming equipment – being in two places at the same time.

Using his skills as a millwright and a commercial 3D printer, he developed the RCFarmArm. It’s an easy-to-install, wireless tractor interface that attaches quickly and easily to the existing cab controls of most tractors. It enables remote control operation with farm equipment like augers, baggers, extractors, and other stationary PTO work.

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Pawluski says the RCFarmArm integrates printed components with other sourced materials. The speed at which they can turn the product around is remarkable, thanks to the 3d printing technology. 

RCFarmArm“My first remote control tractor we did in a week, from when I said we’re going to do this until we drive it. The turnaround time because of the tech that we have is incredible and allows us to do these things. You really couldn’t get this product to market without this tech.”

Safety was the driving force behind concerns were a driving force behind its creation. Pawluski highlighted the dangers of exiting a tractor during cold weather, increasing the risk of slips and falls. There are also risks associated with operating machinery near the PTO intake. “If something were to happen to you there, you’re done. Now, you can shut it off right where you’re working,” he emphasized.

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Pawluski also highlights the superiority of their remote-controlled fix over the solution provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

“The OEM solution is to put it on the fender. Now, we’re controlling it from a safe distance so you can be focused on your work and be much safer.”

Winners of the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo Ag Innovations competition in 2022, the feedback has been immensely positive, says Pawluski, with many farmers saying the device resolves a long-overlooked yet essential aspect of farming: the constant in and out, back and forth with farm equipment.

You can learn more about the RCFarmArm at its website

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