Banff (Rural Roots Canada) — The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen is marking 75-years of service.

The association just wrapped up their annual In-Service Training in Banff, that’s where we caught up with past president Elden Kozak.

Kozak says it’s quite something for the organization to reach the 75-year milestone.

“Well, it’s pretty cool, because our organization started out with a few gentlemen posted all over the province trying to help farmers in agriculture,” said Kozak.

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“Now our membership is probably in the 155 to 160 people, we range in age from early 20s to more mature people, and our association is 50 per cent guys and gals. It shows the changing times, a lot of the changes in agriculture are a lot like our association.”

Kozak says they strive to be the missing link.

“Where we are kinda on the regulatory side, but we’re kinda on the help side of agriculture too, where we are trying to be unbiased the research we follow and some of the stuff we use.  We don’t sell products to farmers; we’re there to help them, we’re part of an Ag Service Board, so we are service-oriented.”

Kozak says they are there to help keep agriculture viable and strong.

“In the tough times that we have had, especially this fall throughout the province with a really wet, cold summer and tough harvest conditions. I think we’ve really tried to focus on helping farmers with some mental health problems dealing with stress, dealing with finances, because we haven’t had a normal year, for some time for four years now.”

The people who make up the AAAF are part of the teams that make up the Agricultural Service Boards across the province, these boards are unique to Alberta.

ASB’s core areas of expertise remain weed control, soil & water resource conservation, & pest management.

They were first established in 1945.



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