As the number of Porcine Epidemic Cases increases in Ontario, Alberta Farm and Animal Care has some tips on how to stay on top of your operation’s bio-security protocols.

Prairie Swine Health Services veterinarian Dr. Egan Brockhoff is asking producers to take a reflective look at their bio-security protocols on their operations.

He says the first key to preventing the virus from occurring is transport bio-security.

“Making sure those trucks and trailers; when they come to your farm have been properly cleaned and disinfected before they back up to your load out; so when you open that load out door you’re looking into a beautiful clean trailer. We know that this virus is spread through contaminated feces and it’s just really important that clean trailers continue to come to your farm,” said Brockhoff.

He says he also wants producers to focus on how to move people and materials into the barn:

“How are we ensuring that their footwear; which could potentially be contaminated from outside sources aren’t acting as a risk? We’re asking them to leave their outside clothing and footwear in an out area and then as they transition into the barn they are putting on clean footwear and coveralls that are staying in the  barn and staying clean.”

Brockoff says it is important for producers to remain vigilent.

“Early detection is going to be absolutely key for us if we want to contain this virus to only a few sites. So if you see any change in loose stools the diarrhea that pigs may have or any vomiting in significant amounts you want to get on the phone and phone your veterinarian as soon as possible.”